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For an example of a basic site just look at the site you are on right now. This site in its current state is the simplest site i have done. For an example of some of my more complex work just look at my most recent project, an order tracking system for Cedar Ridge Screen Printing
. If you are looking for PHP work, I offer forms, logins, drag n’ drop downloads and more.

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Professional design and development for your business or organization’s web page.


Our dedicated hosting is included for the first year after that it is just $10 a month.


Unlimited support just a phone call a way to help make your experience more enjoyable


We take the hassle out of developing and upkeep of your website by doing it all.

Pricing Plans

Choose a pricing plan that fits your needs.

  • Basic Site

  • ProfessionalPro Design & Dev
  • Support
  • 3-5 Pages
  • Mobile
  • $ 299.95

    Starting At
  • Basic Site + Hosting

  • Professional
    Pro Design & Dev & Hosting
  • Endless Support
  • 3-5 Pages
  • Mobile
  • Hosting For a Year
  • $ 399.95

    Starting At
  • Custom Work

  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • SQL
  • $ 995.95

    Starting At
Who I Am



Your site is run on a dedicated server using SSDs maintained by professionals so you can expect never to have any down time.



I hand craft each and every one of my web pages with intricate details to meet your needs and they are always compatible with mobile devices.

Brandon Stewart


I have many years of experience with HTML, CSS, PHP, and SQL databases, meaning that you can expect quality in the finished product.